Roberto Ricciuti



Roberto Ricciuti was born in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, in 1977.

The passion for photography was born probably in his house: in fact his father, despite being of the medical profession, is a valued photographer and winner of several photographic competitions in his youth. Roberto's first attempts have Venice as his photographic subject, where he studied at Information Technology at University. Also, his travels.

The turning point came in 2006: having completed his studies, Roberto moved to Rome where he became a photographer of a newly casting production company. The following year, once returned to Bologna, he began to specialize in concerts starting the collaboration with "Salotto Muzika", the event organized by the label Factory and dedicated to artists of the Italian indie scene which became soon one of the most followed and refined events of Bologna's scene.

In 2008 the positive feedback to his photos of a trip in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia led him to devote himself exclusively to photography. In 2009, Roberto boasted several major collaborations, among which were those with the MEI - Meeting of Independents, which is the official photographer in the thirteenth edition, as well as with Arci Parma - Arci Culture and Development for a 10-day report in Lebanon.

In the same year he presented "Blue" which has received many appreciations both in Bologna and in Graz where it is exposed to Künstlerbund on a collective exhibition with other international artists.

In 2010 he undertook another trip to Asia, in India, and attended a course organized by photojournalist for Terraproject (among the teachers was the winner of the News of the World Press Photo 2009 Michele Borzoni) in collaboration with the Fondazione Marangoni in Florence. From June to November Roberto took part in an important collaboration as an assistant to a well-known Bolognese studio specializing in advertising photography. Later, he was confirmed as the official photographer for the XIV edition of the MEI as the permanent MEI photographer at the Concert of First May in Rome.

In 2011 he began working with Shiver Webzine and presented "Indieground", combined with the presentation of the book "Independent music in Italy" by Chiara Caporicci. Earlier this year he won the First Prize in the competition Ithaca with the photo "Trasloco in Motorino", while in July the International Festival of Benicassim accredited him as a photographer, and in September for the World Beach Soccer in Marina di Ravenna. In September, he was the official photographer for the MEI - Supersound first edition.

The year 2012 began with another great trip, Senegal. Then, while continuing his work as a photographer for "Salotto Muzika", Roberto decided to dedicate himself more to the purposes of personal research and commercial photography. During this period he joined the most important microstock agency, Istockphoto, and works with Eleonora Scalise with the new project Ferro.7. In May, he was a witness of the earthquake that occured in Emilia Romagna. He won the prize "L'impero dei sensi" (with Ferro.7) and the "Photoshock Award - Best Backstage Photo" at the Festival of Short Films in Villanova di Bagnacavallo. In June, he had a collaboration with the agency, following the matches the Under20 Italy, Spain, Belgium and Armenia matches.

2013 was a very important year for Roberto. In February he was the official photographer for the show "E' stato la mafia" with Marco Travaglio and Isabella Ferrari. In April he moved from Italy to Edinburgh. In the Scottish capital he became the photographer for the Italian Cultural Institute at the Fringe Festival 2013. He also photographed at the famous International Festival, the Book Festival and the Hogmanay. In October his exhibition "Festival" had major success at the Italian Cultural Institute.In November of the same year he started to collaborate with Getty Images, for which he followed officially many events, like Edinburgh International Festival 2014, Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014, Hogmanay 2014 and Bologna Rock in Idro 2014.

His photographs have been published in several books and many World magazines, included The Guardian,, The New York Times, Rolling Stones, GQ, The Scotsman, Repubblica, Il Mucchio, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail and many others.


2014    "Motherland"
               Edinburgh - CaffĂ© Piccolo

    "Festival - International & Fringe"
               Edinburgh Italian Cultural Institute

    - Indipendent Italian Music Portraits"
               Forlì - Centro culturale San Francesco
               Modena - Mr.Muzik Off
               Bologna - Il rifugio del neurone
               Sassari - Piazza Università
               Faenza - Supersound
               c/o Novecento Caffé
               Bologna - Arteria

    Water Games
               Rome - 38MMC Gallery
               (collective exhibition)

    Blue - Azzurro
               Graz - Kunsterlbund
               (collective exhibition)
               Bologna - Arteria (personal)

    Bambini d'Asia - Indochildren
               Venezia - Hostaria La Vite Rossa
               Perugia - Centro d'Arte Farm Gaia
               Bologna - Il Rovescio